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Nerd³ Plays... OMSI - The Bus Simulator

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Nerd³ Plays... OMSI - The Bus Simulator

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Second Channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/Officiallynerdcubed Nerd³ Twitter! https://twitter.com/Dannerdcubed Nerd³ Site! http://nerdcubed.co.uk/ In this video I suddenly and inexplicably fall in love... There are three things a simulator needs to have in my opionin. One is interesting gameplay, two is an interesting world and three is an accurate simulation. Train Sim has 3 and about half of 2. Flight Simulator has 3 and every few hours 1. Farm sim has none of them. This is the first sim I've ever played that nails all three. The gameplay is smooth and interesting, the world is alive and full and the simulation is top notch. Huge marks for the amazing sound engine too. Plus it has all the detail and love you never see in bigger games. This is the best simulator I've ever played and I REALLY didn't expect it to be more then a quick video of a bad game. If you have any love of gaming I suggest picking it up. Get the game now! http://www.omnibussimulator.de/english.htm All other Music is in game music. It makes me want to realise that the sound is so good it's pretty much music. :p By Daniel Hardcastle

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RockLeeSmile : This is fantastic. I can't believe I didn't watch this until now!
Coco Couchless : Did anyone actually watch the entire video?
Tech And Transit : First NerdCubed video ever.
asmmargod : OMSI 3345 IS OURT
OfficialG3 : dan figured how to drive "correctly" 12 minutes into the video
Mayhemkiller200 : 23:50 there's a guy on the wrong side of the road, OH WAIT IT'S ME!!!!
Daniel Svenningsen : (Press 8) If I Was Him, I Would Panic.
KC97 : He MUST play OMSI 2.

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