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Sonic Chaos! Sonic: Dark Chaos PT2 Trailer

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Sonic: Dark Chaos PT2 Trailer

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Did a quick trailer of my up coming movie.This took less then a night to make since the artwork was all done. The actual movie is around 70% complete and will be around 10 minutes long; no release date. All artwork is still a "work-in-progress" so there are some scenes that might not look good. Update, music credit was wrong, here is the original artist: Music- Distrance - Flux: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q5KRvNtk8c As you see Metal Sonic will get all repaired and join Silver Sonic II and Mecha Sonic in a battle against our hero. What exactly is Robotnik up to?

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Shaunro200 : I can't wait to see this it looks so awesome!
MaleficBladeWarrior : "coming soon" it's been 4 years
Donovan Sun : I think this will be uploaded by summer becuz I think that's when all of this is gonna be finished, plus I would of expect this to be finished in 2012 but since he's been working on the sonic shorts and don't forget "sonic shorts 7" this whole think must had put on hold till then.
BlazeNerdXP : Guys you mine as well stop worrying about it he's never gonna upload it, because if he did we would have got it at least by 2011
SonicShadowSilver365 : So... how far would you say you are now?
Connor Radcliffe : Can someone help i am try an find flash. it about something scrolls and Chaos(sonic) has brother made out flames and both got into hedgehogs. it sonic series on newgrounds can you help me
SuperQuinn456 : so metal sonic is still alive but GIT IT UPLODE IF YOU HAVE IT 
Andy Hernandez : and its been 7 years not 4 years

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