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Sonic Adventure! Sonic Adventure DX - Amy's Story, Part 2/5

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Sonic Adventure DX - Amy's Story, Part 2/5

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Amy and the bird are held captive on board the Egg Carrier in a prison cell. E-102 Gamma comes in and demands that Amy hand over the bird, but Amy refuses. Gamma is confused as to why Amy cares about the bird for no apparent reason. The bird flies toward Gamma, causing Gamma to flip out. Gamma suddenly releases Amy and tells them to escape, and that they'll be landing soon at the Mystic Ruins base. Amy thanks the robot and leaves, but not before having to get the high score at Eggman's Hedgehog Hammer game. Amy gets the high score and wins the Warrior Feather power-up item. Amy escapes through the Hot Shelter, located in the bowels of the ship. She passes through an aquarium with bad taste and through the engine area. Zero finds and chases her through the Hot Shelter. When she reaches the end a mysterious ball of light appears as her vision fades to white.

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thunder ninja48 : who else would love to bang amy i knew i would´╗┐
KosaiAvonej : Do you have a link to the song that plays at 1:28 or know what song it is on the soundtrack?
Thennek amnar : i love that hammer XD is awesome
M Hale : 2:11...LOL
keero16 : I. LOVE. THIS. GAME
pappflora12 : i can't believe how awesome Amy can be when she is not talking. 0.0"
Shytise Dobson : and the long hammer
wsondermann84 : @KosaiAvonej Theme of E-102 Gamma

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